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2023 Conference:  Current Directions in Transformative Practice:

Mediation, Coaching, Dialogue

2nd-3rd November in Brno, Czech Republic

Click here to read about the program, travel, lodging information, and more!

Register here for the Conference

Register here for pre-Conference Basic Transformative Mediation Training in person in Brno

Speakers include ISCT Fellows & PrACTITIONERS:

Erik Cleven, Dan Simon, Robin Brzobohatý, Carol Bloom, Judy Saul, Janet Mueller, Carlo Mosca, Lenka Poláková, Sharon Press... and more!

Topics include:

  • Premises of Transformative Practice 2.0

  • FACE and Transformative Practice

  • A Relational and Dialogical World: A Foundation of Transformative Practice

  • Self-Determination in Transformative Practice: The Art of Mirrors and Lights
  • Does Self-Determination Always Precede Recognition?

  • Recognition as the Cornerstone of the Relational Worldview

  • Transforming the Workplace with Organizational Ombuds
  • Innovative Projects in Transformative Practice
  • Challenges we are facing after 30 years
  • Directive Moves and Making Decisions on Behalf of Our Clients (Panel)

Workshops include:

Advanced Reflection: Capturing Behavior in Reflections, with Peter Miller

Transformative Conflict Coaching, with Basia Solarz, Christian Hartwig , Jakub Rubeš , Mia Bowers, Łukasz Kwiatkowski , Alžběta Kundratová

Transformative Mediation in Criminal Cases, with Kees van Eijk

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