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Summer Sale! DVD & 1 Journal Package

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It's an ISCT Summer Sale! Get 1 DVD, and 1 journal for $45, $35 for members. We have very limited stock of these, and there is no plan to reprint or re-record. So get these while you can! The Contractor's Contract - mediation with Lawyers including the intake conversations Transformative Approach to Mediation- An Interview with Joe Folger Family Ties - a mother and paternal grandmother discussing visitation and their relationship The Purple House - a neighborhood conflict over the paint color of a house, and so much more Ohio State Journal On Dispute Resolution. Special Series: Assuring Mediator Quality. 2004. Dorothy Della Noce on Mediator Quality Assurance Robert A.Baruch Bush on a Pluralistic Approach to Mediator Performance Testing Dorothy Della Noce, James Antes and Judith Saul on Identifying Practice Competence in Transformative Mediators Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Transformative Mediation: New Dimension in Practice, Theory and Research 2002, 3.1 Joseph Folger on Mediation Goes Mainstream Della Noce, Folger and Antes on The Dilemma of Court Connection, an analysis of mediation program in Florida Della Noce, Bush, and Folger on Clarifying the Underpinnings of Mediation Bush and Pope, on Changing the Quality of Conflict Interaction Antes and Saul on Transformative Mediator Coaching (formative assessment) Bush on The Growing Market for Evaluative Mediation and What it means for the ADR Field.

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