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About the Institute Fellows

What is a Institute Fellow?

Fellows are individuals who are committed to the transformative approach of practice, who share responsibility for its growth, development, and sustenance. Fellows exist to protect the integrity of the transformative approach and support ethical practice that is aligned to the approach.  Fellows are persons who have and continue to make significant contributions to the growth of transformative practice and/or to the Institute. 

How can I become a Fellow?

With our recent visioning processes in 2020/2021, we have created a process for anyone interested to apply to become a fellow.  The process includes an application, an essay and an interview.   

We are finalizing the process and should be ready to accept applications in June of 2022.

 Fellows Support the ISCT and the transformative   Approach by:

  • Guiding, researching, studying, and  promoting a common understanding of communication and conflict intervention from the transformative approach.

  • Living the transformative approach in our work together.  Using this approach in how we show up, engage, and deal with differences within the ISCT and with external partners or collaborations

  • Safeguarding the integrity of the transformative approach by supporting certification of mediators, participating on the ethics committee and promoting practice in ways consistent with the Transformative approach

  • Contributing substantial time to help develop the Institute as a viable enterprise,  including but not limited to developing materials & training, conducting research, doing outreach to generate opportunities for the Institute’s work, writing, raising funds, and serving on the Board.

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