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“The Art of Reflection- II” – Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

  • May 11, 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • online


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The Art of Reflection II – Intermediate/Advanced Workshop

with Carol Bloom and Mia Bowers

(see the description of “The Art of Reflection – I” to read about the basics of this workshop)

It can be particularly challenging to reflect well when there are cultural, class, gender, educational, racial, linguistic, or other strong differences between the mediator or dialogue facilitator and the person we are reflecting. It is not easy to capture and give back the emotional tone, the intensity, and the verbal expressions of the person we’re reflecting, while remaining authentic, present, and aware of how our reflections are landing for the party themselves, and for the other party (parties). How do we reflect expressions that seem mean spirited or manipulative, or when someone swears at or disparages the other party? How do we reflect parties who are trying to save face, who choose not to speak up or who have shut down and fallen silent?

We will build on some of the practices we’ve been examining and cultivating in the work of ISCT’s FACE Labs – understanding how we may be called upon in cross cultural mediations and dialogues to stretch our reflection skills beyond what may be more familiar forms of expression. In this intensive workshop, we will focus on challenging, intercultural situations and cases, in order to bring artistry to our listening and reflecting skills.

(Basic Transformative Mediation or Transformative Dialogue training required)

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