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Institute for the Study of Conflict Transformation

Connecting transformative practitioners across the world

Upcoming events

    • February 23, 2024
    • October 25, 2024
    • 9 sessions
    • zoom
    ISCT Porch Gathering

    What: A virtual space to regularly gather, connect, and converse.

    Who: Transformative practitioners who identify as members of the Black/African diasporic experience.

    When: The 4th Friday of each month from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. via Zoom on: 2/23/2024, 3/22/2024, 4/26/2024, 5/24/2024, 6/28/2024, 7/26/2024, 8/23/2024, 9/27, 2024, and 10/25/2024.

    Hosts: Barbara Cockerman, Mia Bowers, Jerry Ming, and Cherise D. Hairston.

    How to Participate: Register here, and receive reminders with the zoom link a few days before each of the scheduled sessions.

    Topics and Discussions: Informal and shaped by participants’ needs.
    • June 20, 2024
    • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

    Facilitating Conversations related to Israel-Palestine:  A Practitioner’s Café  Conversation, Thursday, June 20 from 12:30-2.

    ISCT is hosting space for practitioners to talk about what it has been or might be like to facilitate dialogue on Israel/Palestine.  We’ll focus on the challenges of facilitating around a “hot topic” like this one.  The goal is to learn from and support each other so we feel more confident as facilitators.  The Café hosts came up with a few questions to consider:

    • When I have strong values and identities tied to a topic, what are the strategies I use to stay morally grounded and strong and responsive while I am in the role of facilitator?
    • What steps could I take to convene a dialogue in my community or group if I sense that it would be useful?
    • How do we support potential participants in joining a conversation when they have their own strong opinions and fears?

    But we’ll go in whatever direction the conversation takes us. 

    Please RSVP  by registering for this event. A zoom link will be sent to you upon registration!
    • September 10, 2024
    • November 19, 2024
    • 9 sessions
    • online

    The ISCT Basic Transformative Mediation Training gives participants a solid foundation in the Transformative Approach to Mediation, including the theory and how it is lived out in action. 

    This package includes two parts: the Basic Mediation Course (6 sessions) and a Mediation Practice Group (3 sessions).  

    Part 1 Basic Mediation Course

    This course is 18 hours of live, interactive online training with a small class size and experienced trainer.  The course includes presentations, discussions, exercises, and role plays.  The class will meet as a large group as well as work in break-out groups.  We will be using Google drive for sharing materials and email for communication between sessions.

    Following the 6 Basic Training sessions, participants will join a 3 session practice group.

    By completing this full package, you will have completed a 24 hour Basic Transformative Mediation training, and receive a certificate of completion from the Institute.

    *Scholarships available, fill out an application form!

    ______________________________Dates & Times_________________________________

    Basic Transformative Mediation Training:

    Training dates: Tuesdays,12-3 pm Eastern- 9/10, 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15

    Practice Group dates: Tuesdays 1-3 pm Eastern- 11/5, 11/12, 11/19

    Please use this link to check the time in your time zone! Thanks.

    • October 04, 2024
    • October 11, 2024
    • 2 sessions
    • online

    Child Inclusive Mediation: A two part Workshop, with Robin Brzobohaty and Martina Cirbusová

    This two part workshop will cover the following:

    • What is the purpose of involving
    children in mediation?

    • What is scientific evidence behind this

    • How to involve children in mediation - 18
    different options will be introduced.

    • How to provide feedback from the child
    to parents during mediation? Video

    • What techniques and tools are available?

    There will also be discussion about:
    • Key hallmarks of good practice.

    • Ethics of this particular practice.

    • Guidelines for professionals interested in
    this type of mediation, including steps and
    how to get started.

    October 4 & 11, both dates 9 am -12 pm Eastern.

    Zoom link will be sent after registration!

    • November 19, 2024
    • December 17, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • online
    • 6

    Coached Mediation Practice Group, with Carol Bloom.

    A great opportunity to practice your mediation skills in small group setting with a coach.  Three sessions allows for time to play the roles of both a mediator and a party in the mediation.  Group is limited to six participants.

    Tuesdays, November 19, December 3 & 17,  7-9 pm Eastern.

    Zoom link sent after registration.

    • December 03, 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

    Mediation Ethics Discussion with Sharon Press

    Join Mitchell Hamline School of Law Professor Sharon Press as she discusses the core ethical dilemmas facing all mediators. How do we deal with ethical guidelines that arise from different assumptions about the mediator’s role?  What special dilemmas arise when we’re committed to the transformative approach?  Dan Simon will also join the discussion.

    Zoom link sent after registration.

    • December 05, 2024
    • December 19, 2024
    • 3 sessions
    • online
    • 6

    Coached Mediation Practice Group, with Carol Bloom.

    A great opportunity to practice your mediation skills in small group setting with a coach.  Three sessions allows for time to play the roles of both a mediator and a party in the mediation.  Group is limited to six participants.

    Thursdays, December 5, 12, & 19, 1-3 pm Eastern.

    Zoom link sent after registration.

    • December 06, 2024
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • online

    INSIDE-OUT PRACTICE GROUP with Robin Brzobohaty and Martina Cirbusová

    Would you like to practice your mediation skills but prefer to have an experience where you will analyze how mediation works rather than be the one who is under the pressure of being analyzed?

    We do have a special practice session for you!

    During this three hour session you will have the opportunity to see how mediators work and analyze their work - ask questions about their intentions, discuss their  interventions, and have an opportunity to understand how they read the weaknesses and self-absorption of parties and why they offer specific interventions to the parties. You will have a chance to pause the mediation any time you will need, come back to specific situations, and analyze them in more detail. 

    prerequisite: basic transformative mediation training

We welcome feedback, both positive and negative. Please read more here.

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