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ISCT Statement on Ukraine

March 14, 2022 9:44 AM | Lydia VanderKaay (Administrator)

The ISCT is an organization dedicated to the study of conflict, and how conflict dynamics can be transformed from destructive to constructive – at an interpersonal level, but also when groups, larger communities, or nations are involved. 

As an Institute, we are not involved in politics, nor are we geo-strategical advisers: the transformation we support is unarmed in nature, and the kind of support we promote is non-partisan by definition. However, what is happening now in Europe moves us to take a clear stance against the aggression the Ukrainian people are suffering as a result of a disgraceful decision made by President Putin and his allies. We also acknowledge the suffering this war is inflicting upon the Russian people.

Our hope is that conflict may de-escalate soon, and talks among  leaders of good will replace the unprovoked attacks on a sovereign country and its civilians. We can do little now, of course, as an organization and individually to stop the slaughter and expulsion of children and parents from their motherland. Others could do it, possibly. And their success appears terribly crucial for the continuance of a world where one can live free of oppression and tyranny.

In the long run organizations like ours may prove to be vital in order to reconstruct a torn social fabric, replace toxic narratives, and ultimately find a way to live peacefully side by side. We will work on that – not because we believe in harmony per se, but because we are convinced that the majority of the people of all the nations involved in this heinous war want, and have the capacity to live, a more decent life. 

The ISCT Fellows and Board Members

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